100 Voices, 100 Artists

Discover new works by Saatchi Art’s top women artists

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave American women the right to vote.

But while women have attained a more equal voice in American democracy, they still don’t have parity when it comes to the arts; only 14% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe and North America are women.

Like the vote, we see art as a powerful means of expressing one’s voice and vision. In recognition of this landmark centennial, Saatchi Art is celebrating 100 of our most talented women artists. Enjoy discovering these up-and-coming artists, handpicked by our chief curator Rebecca Wilson.

Saatchi Art is proud to have achieved gender parity

50% of our selling artists are women

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6 Saatchi Art artists reflect on how their art is an expression of their personal voice.

Meet 100 of our Top Artists

Discover these up-and-coming women artists from around the world, handpicked by our team of expert curators. Click the thumbnail to explore each artist’s entire portfolio.

Tarini Ahuja

“Tarini operates at the threshold of representation and abstraction to create serene abstracts that are evocative of nature.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Marcelina amelia

“Despite focusing on serious themes such as female sexuality, gender and society, Marcelina’s paintings employ a tongue-in-cheek approach that keeps her work relatable.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Athena Anastasiou

“Athena’s contemporary portraits bring together impasto layers of paint and vibrant textile weaves, inspired by her extensive travels across South America.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Annabel Andrews

“Inspired by the colors of the landscape where she lives in El Escorial, Spain, the geometric forms and washes of color in Annabel’s paintings reinvent the famous color paintings of the 1940s and ‘50s.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Nadia Attura

“Nadia collects details photographed on location which she then strategically layers in her studio, creating a final image with overlapping scenes that convey a sense of time and place.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Allison Bagg

“Infused with fresh energy and humor, Allison documents her travels and everyday life, creating mind-bending realities and challenging our notions of traditional art.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Eloisa Ballivian

“Impressive in both scale and technique, Eloisa’s surreal pop art paintings submerge the viewer in an all-consuming wave of color and atmosphere.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Meegan Barnes

“With a playful approach to female empowerment, Meegan glorifies female sexuality with sculptures unabashedly depicting “the booty” and including traditionally valuable material, such as gold leaf.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Jessica Batan

“As a journalist and self-taught photographer tackling social and human rights issues, Jessica incisively captures both joy and tribulation through the camera.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Florence Baumgartner

“Warm, glowing landscapes and fuzzy, welcoming shadows bring oil and wood to life in Florence’s idyllic compositions.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Yurim Gough

“Yurim uses hand-formed ceramic bowls as unlikely canvases for her figure drawings, yielding masterful line drawings that bend with the contours of the ceramic.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Paola Bazz

“Paola examines the constant change of identity—its destruction and reconstruction—through 2D and 3D collage portraits of celebrities and strangers using found scraps of paper from magazines, leaflets and advertising materials.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Elizabeth Becker

“Elizabeth is drawn to the spontaneity and immediacy of watercolors, a medium which has taught her to relinquish control and embrace imperfections.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Francesca Dalla Benetta

“Informed by her background in set design and special effects makeup, Francesca makes surreal figures with startling presence.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Lene Bladbjerg

“With a background in graphic design, Lene creates crisp compositions that capture the hidden beauty of ordinary events or objects.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Jessica Bodner

“Based on sacred geometry, Jessica’s outdoor installations and tabletop sculptures belie their heavy materials with an aura of weightlessness.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Liz Bretz

“Using photo illustration and manipulation, Liz’s photographs create atmospheres that investigate the haunting and emotional introspection of dreams and the subconscious.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Laura Browning

“Inspired by the California dream of the 1960s, Laura’s paintings of light on water instantly evoke the feeling of a bright summer day.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Marijah Bac Cam

“In an exploration of texture, depth and femininity, Marijah’s abstract drawings are full of organic movement and forms.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Sherry Xiaohong Chen

“Through minimal forms, soft palettes, and mindful appreciation for the present moment, Sherry uncovers the subtle beauty in the mundane.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Susan J Chen

“As a commercial, fashion, and fine art photographer, Susan generates impactful compositions marked by her wry sense of humor.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

nadia jaber

“Combining various images, patterns and text on multiple canvases stitched together, Nadia’s collages represent the vastness and overwhelming labyrinth that is the digital world.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Michelle Loa Kum Cheung

“Using oil and gold leaf on wood panel, Michelle creates ethereal land and skyscapes, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources from children’s stories to satellite earth imagery.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Yuna Chun

“Yuna’s illusionistic geometric paintings recall the dynamism of urban architecture and formally challenge the limits of our visual perception.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Lucille Clerc

“Working from intricate drawings to screenprinting, Lucille highlights London’s historical architecture and the challenging relationship between nature and urbanization.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Denise Dalzell

“Denise’s snapshots of everyday scenes are painted with a hopeful yet nostalgic cast, capturing feelings of connection and loneliness simultaneously.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Amber Denison

“Amber’s background in welding and plasma-cutting informs her paintings in which white lines are overlaid onto abstracted color backgrounds.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Patricia Derks

“Patricia uses electrified color palettes and broad, strong brushstrokes to make modern portraits that seem to reverberate on the canvas.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Ellen Dieter

“With impossibly clean edges that tease the viewer’s eye to look deeper, color and shape dance across Ellen’s canvases with an interdimensional whimsicality.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Lynne Douglas

“Inspired by her native Scotland, Lynne’s photographs are abstract island landscapes made of smooth and serene color transitions.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Stella El

“With impressionist brushstrokes, Stella captures the joy and energy of the Hawaiian islands where she grew up.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Vanessa Endeley

“Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Vanessa challenges the viewer’s perception of her subjects through bold portraiture.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Jill Lear

“Jill’s paintings of hundred- to thousand-year-old trees serve as loving documentations of place as well as formal explorations of space and form.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Javiera Estrada

“Javiera captures the vicissitudes of human relationships and emotion through sensual photographs.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Carla Sa Fernandes

“The vibrancy and allure of Carla’s explosive works have led them to be acquired by collectors in over 35 countries.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Jodie Fletcher

“With a background in industrial design working alongside the likes of Frank Gehry and Swarovski, Jodie pushes the boundaries of painting and textiles in her art practice, weaving strips of canvas into vibrant tableaux.”

– Bethany Fincher, Curatorial Assistant

Nicola Godden

“Nicola captures the grace of the human form in bronze, taking inspiration from mythology—especially the story of Icarus—to embody both the strength and fragility of humankind.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Heather Goodwind

“Heather draws intuitively, distilling fleeting thoughts and emotionally charged moments into fantastical landscapes.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Jamie Gray

“Combining marbling, gilding, and hard-edge line, Jamie creates paintings that are both geometric and primordial.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Rashna Hackett

“Rashna draws on her memories of growing up in East Africa to create rhythmic, geometric paintings that evoke both the movement of city streets and the flux of inner emotions.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Marianne Hendriks

“With each distillation of a leaf into a simple abstraction, Marianne attempts to make sense of the world by manipulating geometry and form.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Zena Holloway

“Underwater environments serve as the backdrop for Zena’s dramatic and poetic compositions, which capture our primordial connection to water.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Anna Hymas

“Anna’s abstract paintings layer blocks of color and pattern from Chinoiserie and textiles, resulting in still lifes and maplike landscapes which have hung at the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Peggy Lee

“With unremitting precision, Peggy translates her interest in technology and human connectivity into boundless networks of lines and rich webs of color.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Caroline Jacobson

“Caroline makes a poignant statement in her works, exposing the co-dependent tendencies of human beings.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Rusudan Khizanishvili

“Importing visual motifs from sources as varied as Persian miniature painting, Estonian mythology, and Western art history, Rusudan paints carnivalesque and surrealist scenes with confident brushstrokes and bold color.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Kim Kimbro

“Kim’s gestural brushstrokes and synthetic color palettes capture the nuances of human emotion.”

– Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator

Rie Kono

“Rie’s meticulous, dreamlike nature scenes and cityscapes are imbued with a sense of wonder and infectious optimism.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Seunghwui Koo

“Seunghwui uses resin, acrylic, plaster and clay to create satirical sculptures of pigs, playing with duality of meaning stemming from the divergent associations of ‘the pig’ as a symbol in Eastern and Western cultures.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Lisa Krannichfeld

“Lisa reimagines the female portrait, with her subject empowered and looking directly at the viewer in a defiant pose.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Mercedes Lagunas

“Mercedes’ bright and energetic paintings are defined by her distinctive style that combines graffiti and pop art.”

– Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curato

Lissy Elle Laricchia

“Lissy’s surreal photographs ask us to embrace our inner child and think back to a time of fairytales and daydreams.”

– Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Elizabeth Lennie

“Elizabeth’s signature impasto style brings a soft-focus effect to her work, conjuring nostalgic memories of childhood summer holidays.”

– Monty Preston, Associate Curator