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Skyscraper lamp image

Skyscraper lamp

Sculpture14 W x 39 H x 14 in


"Industrial Dolmen-14" image

"Industrial Dolmen-14"

Sculpture12.2 W x 41.7 H x 5.9 in


Parted image


Sculpture26 W x 17.5 H x 6 in

Omar Wysong

United States


Prints from $220

Bird Perch image

Bird Perch

Sculpture20 W x 14 H x 2 in

Renos One



Self Portrait image

Self Portrait

Sculpture8 W x 10 H x 3 in


Staying alone image

Staying alone

Sculpture11 W x 18.9 H x 7.1 in

"Industrial Dolmen-12" image

"Industrial Dolmen-12"

Sculpture10.6 W x 41.3 H x 5.1 in


Vessel G - Excavating the Matter, Unearthing the Soul image


Rust in Peace image

Rust in Peace

Sculpture10 W x 10 H x 1.8 in

Johnny Papercuts

United Kingdom


Pink Sensual Lamp image

Pink Sensual Lamp

Sculpture14 W x 24 H x 12 in


Prints from $40

"Industrial Dolmen-11" image

"Industrial Dolmen-11"

Sculpture10.6 W x 43.3 H x 5.1 in

"Chrome dolmen-15" image

"Chrome dolmen-15"

Sculpture10.6 W x 41.7 H x 5.5 in

Laughing man image

Laughing man

Sculpture9 W x 12.5 H x 3 in

"Harps" image


Sculpture7.9 W x 17.3 H x 5.1 in

SOLD image


Sculpture13.4 W x 59.1 H x 7.7 in

Josua Strumpfer

South Africa

The IJssel Bench. image

The IJssel Bench.

Sculpture78.7 W x 17.7 H x 17.7 in

The Berlin Lamp. image

The Berlin Lamp.

Sculpture24.4 W x 53.1 H x 24.4 in

The Michigan Table. image

The Michigan Table.

Sculpture110.2 W x 29.5 H x 55.1 in

The Scandinavian Stools. image

The Scandinavian Stools.

Sculpture19.7 W x 15.7 H x 11.8 in

Bicycle staple SPICA 026. image

Bicycle staple SPICA 026.

Sculpture39.4 W x 33.5 H x 2.4 in

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