Ladybug Sculpture For Sale

Good Energy image

Good Energy

Sculpture15.7 W x 11.8 H x 15.7 D in


flowers, butterflies and ladybug image

flowers, butterflies and ladybug

Sculpture21.7 W x 59.1 H x 2 D in


"Power of Kidness"boun to each other-Goodness,Love,Happiness image


Ladybug image


Sculpture2 W x 1.2 H x 1.2 D in

Joost Van Loon



Prints from $50

Chili Peppers & Ladybugs image

Chili Peppers & Ladybugs

Sculpture13 W x 15 H x 5 D in

David Greenhalgh

United States


Micro ladybug image

Micro ladybug

Sculpture0.4 W x 0.3 H x 0.5 D in


Lady Bug Sphinx image

Lady Bug Sphinx

Sculpture20 W x 36 H x 20 D in

Richard Arfsten

United States


Prints from $40

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter image

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Sculpture17 W x 21 H x 1.5 D in

Kathleen Madigan

United States

Prints from $40

Cow'ccinelle, Miniature Sculpture, 2017 image

Cow'ccinelle, Miniature Sculpture, 2017

Sculpture1.8 W x 1.4 H x 2 D in

Ladybug Lily image

Ladybug Lily

Sculpture7 W x 7 H x 1 D in

Andrew Lonon

United States

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